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Your Words

You have a story to tell. You have a message you want to share with the world. But maybe your ideas are all jumbled up. You can’t quite find the right angle for your article or untangle the thread of your story. Or you’ve managed to get your words out, but they’re not quite ready for the spotlight.

Let me help.

I’m passionate about great writing, and I want to help you become a better writer. I can make your typos disappear, but I would rather give you detailed feedback to help hone your voice, tighten your sentences and paragraphs, and get to the heart of what you’re saying—and say it in a way that will make people listen. Ready to be challenged? Ready to finish that book/article/blog/screenplay/graphic novel you’ve been rehearsing in your head for years? Let’s do it.



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Before I had an editor, my book project was a jumbled mess. Dargan has helped me with so much more than just the technical side of writing. The story now has developed characters, a stronger plot, and a sense of flow it did not have before. Her edits have helped me to keep going with the long process of book writing. The best thing about Dargan is she shoots it straight. If it’s good, she will tell you, and if it’s not, she will help you to get there.
— Kelli Sommers, kellisommers.com
Dargan is a delight to work with. She’s kind, diligent, and thorough. You won’t regret hiring her. I’m very happy with her work on my latest book!
— Bryan Hutchinson, PositiveWriter.com
As any writer knows, the editor is the enemy. They take your baby—your perfectly crafted baby—and wreck it. Or at least this has been my experience, until Dargan. Entrusting my words to Dargan is entrusting that my content is going to be exponentially better—but I don’t know how. I never know what she’s changed, or what she’s added, I just know that my 900 words are suddenly 700—and I sound much more literate. This is the magic of Dargan. She can write like the author, sense what’s important and what’s expendable, and ultimately serve the writer better than they could serve themselves.
— Eddie Kaufholz, speaker, writer, and pastor
Dargan is excellent to work with! I appreciate her ability to chisel away at the excess in order to make the intended message clear and strong. She has a unique ability to keep the tone and voice of the author intact while adding her own creative element. I highly admire her work—and even more so, her character!
— Debra Fileta, truelovedates.com


I've loved words for as long as I can remember—from the days of devouring every book in the kid's section in my small town's library, to creating my own newspaper, to working as the web and copy editor at RELEVANT magazine. Now I'm a full-time freelance writer and editor, dedicated to helping writers like you find their voice and hone their message.

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