God in the Marketplace: Business for Transformation in North Africa | Serge

It was a college class that first convinced Peter Steward* that “God’s heart is for the people who are least reached.”

He felt called to overseas mission work, and found himself drawn to the Arab world—particularly to an area in North Africa where less than 1 percent of the population is Christian.

In the country Steward wanted to reach, evangelism is illegal and Christians cannot worship freely. The country is closed to traditional missionaries. In order to have a lasting impact, foreigners have to have a legitimate purpose for a long-term visa.

For Steward, the answer came in the form of business. With help from Serge’s Business for Transformation initiative, he started a small hospitality business. His company is more than just a cover for mission work; it’s a way to benefit the local economy, provide jobs, and naturally build relationships within his community.

“Business opens doors to communities,” Steward said. “Everybody wants jobs. I think it’s the best answer for people who want to do work overseas.”

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