Struggling to Write Doesn't Mean You're Not a 'Writer' | Positive Writer

Like so many others, I fall into thinking that putting words on paper always comes effortlessly to a certain segment of people, who therefore deserve the title of “writer.” If you struggle to get your meaning across in the written form, the thinking goes, you must not really be a “writer.”

But if that were true, who among us would be worthy of the title? Sure, words come more easily to some people than others, but natural wordsmiths still have to work hard to master their craft. And even the most seasoned writer knows the feeling of agonizing over a sentence or deleting two-hours-worth of dull paragraphs in frustration.

The difference between “writers” and everyone else isn’t that writers magically churn out amazing articles and books, it’s that they sit down and do the hard work of putting their ideas on paper.

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