My Services


Development Editing

I’ll work with you to ensure that your voice and your intent are coming through clearly.

  • Suggest revisions to strengthen content, tighten sentences, and make the work as a whole flow smoothly.
  • Point out where you could add content or rearrange sections.
  • Suggest what to cut or what to expand on to reach desired word count.
  • Copy edit after big-picture edits.


Copy Editing/Fact-Checking

I’ll make sure your writing shines, down to the smallest details.

  • Fix style inconsistencies and spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Suggest solutions for awkward word choice, sentence structure, and flow.
  • Check accuracy of statistics, names, dates, etc.



Writing Consulting

In the years I managed RELEVANT magazine’s web content, I read thousands of article submissions. I’ve seen what separates those that get published from those that don’t. Starting a blog or submitting article pitches and want some feedback? I’ll track changes and make suggestions as I edit your piece, talking you through some common mistakes in your writing and how to hone in on what you want to say in a way that’s clear and engaging.



I’ve written all sorts of things—news articles, profiles (on anything and anyone from bands to business owners to community leaders), Q&As, newsletters, blog posts, tweets, etc. I love conducting interviews and gathering research for articles, and (especially since I’ve been on the editing end of things) I turn in clean copy and stick to deadlines.

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