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Back in 2012, Electric Guest was riding the wave of indie success.

The duo’s debut album, Mondo, landed on several Billboard charts. Critics hailed Electric Guest as an artist to watch. Songs from Mondo were tapped for the soundtracks of shows like Girls and Suits. They sold out shows, played the summer music festival circuit and toured internationally.

But when it came time to write their follow-up album, Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton worried about the dreaded sophomore slump.

“Because of the first album being such a success, there was a lot of pressure,” Compton says.

The writing process was slow and painful. The pair worked with musician and producer Danger Mouse on their debut, but Taccone was determined to produce Electric Guest’s next album on his own.

However, Taccone was facing some personal issues that he says took him to “a darker place.” He and Compton wrote an album’s worth of songs he describes as “dark, slow, somber.”

“We wrote a ton and we played it for the label and friends of ours, people we respect,” Compton recalls. “Everyone was like, ‘Yeah, you guys should write some more and see what happens.’”

Taccone and Compton decided to listen to the feedback. They scrapped almost everything they had and started over.

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