Queenstown and Glenorchy | NZ Adventure

Oct. 14, 2016

After just a few days driving on the left side of the road, the twisty drive from Wanaka to Queenstown was slightly terrifying. It was also incredibly beautiful. I inched our tiny rental car around the switchbacks, impatient Kiwi drivers piling up behind me. In the passenger seat, Mel gasped as each new turn revealed a new facet of the landscape—snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, green pastures, cows calmly grazing just meters away from sheer drop offs.

Since the weather was perfect, we decided to keep going past Queenstown on the scenic drive to Glenorchy. We only passed a handful of other cars on the whole drive. Glenorchy looked like an abandoned movie set for an old-school Western. The main store was closed and there was no one out, so we turned around and headed back to town, catching a glorious sunset on the way.