Don't Hide Behind the Hype | RELEVANT

I’ve just asked John Mark McMillan how he stays vulnerable while playing worship sets night after night on tour, and suddenly, he’s blinking back tears. He pauses and looks at his wife Sarah, sitting quietly, reassuringly, next to him, before he answers.

“I try and remind myself every night that this is an absolute gift.”

McMillan has been in the music business for more than a decade. Last year, he established his own record label, on which he released his fifth full-length album, Borderland.

This summer, he and Sarah released their first EP together, You Are the Avalanche, which he says focuses on “finding glory in the mundane, finding that there is more beauty actually in the common things sometimes than in the novel.”

But as we talk about the evolution of worship music, cynicism and the importance of letting down your guard, it’s obvious that McMillan doesn’t take anything for granted.

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