Chengdu Day 3

 "Holy, Holy, Holy" in Mandarin

"Holy, Holy, Holy" in Mandarin

Obviously, I didn't understand much of what was going on at church on Sunday, but there were some hymns I recognized, so I sang along in English. It was really cool to worship with people singing in Mandarin.

After church, we went to have hotpot at a restaurant with a Mao-era military theme.

Megan and Huo like spicy hotpot, but they ordered a not as spicy section for me. That ended up being a good thing because even though I was getting more open to spicy food, the heat made the soup get increasingly spicy the longer it sat on our table. By the end of the meal, Huo was sweating from the spice.

They ordered a variety of meats and veggies, which we then dunked in the soup to cook.

After lunch, we drove about an hour outside the city to Dujiangyan to the campus where Megan teaches. The area was beautiful.