Chasing Waterfalls (Chiang Mai Day 2)


On Saturday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that our hotel served breakfast. And the main part of that breakfast was the best mango I have ever eaten. The food in Thailand is cheap, but amazing. The street food in Chiang Mai is safe, and you can grab some pad thai for about 30 baht—the equivalent of an American dollar. The food is similar to the types of dishes that Thai places in the States serve, but as you might imagine, it's even more delicious, especially the fresh fruit.

Will and I had agreed to meet up with some of his classmates at noon to head out to a waterfall outside the city, so we took a rot daeng out to the side of town closer to where they were meeting and walked out to a forest temple nearby. The temple was basically a set of cool (slightly creepy) tunnels carved into the side of a hill with Buddha statues around every corner.

All the temples in Thailand have a chedi, which usually contains relics of Buddha. This one was on top of the tunnels.

We went by the personal studio of William's favorite artist in the city. The guy was there and he talked us through how he made his pieces. I (stupidly) didn't take any pictures.

Then we met up with the group and took a rot daeng about an hour out through the countryside to the waterfall. On the way, we stopped off at a market to get food for a picnic.

Fried crickets, silkworms and water beetles. Yum.
Fried crickets, silkworms and water beetles. Yum.

We were the only non-Thai people at the waterfall, which made us the obvious target for some ladies selling bracelets while we ate lunch.

The waterfall was about three "stories" high. There were wooden steps next to it, but the water wasn't flowing too fast, and it had uncovered limestone that was rough like sandpaper and easy to climb on. Your feet almost stuck to it, except in a few places where slippery moss had grown on the rocks. We joined the locals climbing up and down the whole three tiers of it.

After a couple of hours, we packed back in the rot daeng and headed back into the city, where Will took me to his favorite restaurant (really more of just a small dining area on the ground floor of someone's house), where we had the most amazing curry I've had so far in my life.