A letter from the past

I found this in my inbox today. It’s almost scary how accurate it is. Somehow past me knew exactly what I would need to hear when about to graduate. It’s funny to see how my outlook on life has largely stayed the same. (I’m glad my punctuation has improved, though). 

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 2 years, 6 months and 27 days ago, on September 19, 2010. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org

Dear about-to-graduate Dargan,

If all goes as I am planning it right now, you are nearing graduation. Hopefully you have something lined up, but if not, don’t sweat it too much. God has taken care of you thus far, and He will continue to be faithful, even when it feels like He is far away, or playing a joke on you. 

I (the you from the past) turned 20 yesterday, and I’m currently avoiding doing all the homework that accumulated over the weekend of my birthday. I’m getting everything lined up for studying abroad in the spring and since UNF is giving me a hard time, everything is kind of up in the air as far as my future goes. You may even be graduating from a different school as far as I know, which is why I didn’t write this to your UNF email. However, if you are still at UNF (and even if you aren’t) I hope you still keep up with Hannah, Kathleen, Barksdale, Kenny, and Holli. 

I’m not going to tell you a list of things you should have accomplished by now, in order to not stress you out if you didn’t do them, but I do hope you made the most of your college years and used them to glorify God and not yourself, if, upon self reflection, this is not the case, it’s never too late to start.

I know you haven’t figured out exactly what to do with your life yet. If you have, shame on you! Every day should be an adventure, I kind of hope you are headed off to do some sort of work/service overseas. I wonder if you have a boyfriend… the prospects are not looking good so far, but hey, it’s possible I guess.

College is over, which is sad, but you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t get scared or bogged down by the bigness of it all.

I’m bad at giving advice to a future me that I don’t know the circumstances of, but I will just remind you of some of the most important things you learned this summer; that life is meant to be enjoyed! Savor every day. Invest in people. They’ll let you down, but ultimately the investment is worthwhile. And don’t forget to thank God for everthing, wake up and praise him before you get out of bed. Remembering the Gospel daily should give such joy to your life!

Yeah, I know it’s cheezy, but I hope this email is appreciated cuz I’m supposed to be doing my spanish hw instead of writing it…
Good luck :)