When in Rome...

Day 2 in Rome we went to Campo de Fiori (a flower and food market) and got some fruit for breakfast. Then we walked to the area called Trastevere, and went in a really cool church.

It would seem that all the churches in Rome are amazing. We wandered into a few, and they were all amazing with high vaulted ceilings decorated with elaborate woodwork or murals. 

We went to the Capitoline Museum and saw the giant head and hand of the statue of Constantine. 

We passed the colosseum and found some ruins of a gladiator training school. We also saw some other ruins that had been designated as a homeless cat shelter. Apparently the people in Rome really like cats. 

For dinner we took the advice of the owner of our B&B, and went to a restaurant where we paid for drinks and got access to a fantastic buffet of Italian food. 

After stuffing ourselves, we still found room for some gelato at a place by the Vatican that Caro and RJ remembered from their study abroad. We walked around by the Vatican and down to the Castel St. Angelo before heading back to our room.