Kelly in London

A few days after returning from spring break, I headed to Gatwick airport early in the morning to pick up Kelly. I missed the first train, so she was already out of baggage claim and waiting for me when I got there. It was so good to see her! 

After class we took a really long walk. Down to Trafalgar square, on to Big Ben and Westminster, then along the river and through Covent Gardens. 

It was interesting to do the whole fast-paced tourist thing around London. I’ve seen a lot of the city, but it’s usually in bits and pieces rather than big chunks at a time. We filled up our days in order to see as much as possible. Buckingham palace for part of the changing of the guard, Hyde park, Harrods, Victoria and Albert museum, fish and chips, south bank, spitafields market, curry on brick lane, primark, 2012 olympic site and Greenwich, tower of London, camden market. All in five days. 

One of the days we went to evensong at Westminster. The inside of the abbey is fantastic and the choir sounded so pretty. The service was very formal, but it was awesome to see Westminster. We ended up standing in line and sitting by these two girls from China. They were really nice and afterwards we walked to St. James park with them. They said they thought London is small. A city of 12 million small? I guess if you’re from Beijing… They were really sweet though and we exchanged emails and took a picture before parting ways. 

I was sad to have to say goodbye to Kelly and send her back to America. It was really fun to have her here! 

Dragging Kelly around made me realize that I know London fairly well. I mean I don’t claim to be an expert or anything, but I can find my way around decently. I used to never go anywhere without meticulously charting my way and bringing a map to frequently consult, but now I just look at a map for a general idea before I leave and then go from there without worrying too much about it. Also through my history classes and various tours I have picked up a lot of random facts about the city that it was fun to share with Kelly as a sort of personal tour guide.