Spring Break started early last Friday morning after a somewhat stressful week of exams. Our flight was pretty short, and I got a good view of the Alps as our plane descended into Geneva. 

Geneva is very French. How I think of it is that if France were a body of water, Geneva would be a peninsula. The city is in Switzerland, but if you travel just a little way out you cross the border into France. 

The 5 of us took a bus to our hotel, which was a little bit outside of the city center, and then headed back into the center to explore. We had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to get around, not understanding what people were saying, and breaking the 100 Swiss Franc note that the cash machine at the airport spit out, but we worked it all out.  

We were so tired that after a little bit of exploring we went back to the hotel and took a nap. Then we turned in early after dinner. 

Saturday we wandered into Cathedral St-Pierre, the church where John Calvin preached during the Reformation. We climbed a couple of narrow staircases to the top of the towers for an amazing view of the city. 

Then we walked down by the lake, where we found a cool playground made out of recycled bike tires. 

Sunday we went to Le Jardin Botanique and picnicked in one of the greenhouses full of tropical plants. We walked around the garden and then went to the Red Cross Museum, which was one of the few things open on Sunday. 

Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and took a train up to the UN to see if we could take a tour before catching our train.

They wouldn’t let us in with our bags so we split up and Becca, Morgan, and Emily took the bags while Michele and I stayed there. We waited in line, got through security, paid, and then were told we had just missed the first tour and had to wait over an hour for the next one. We couldn’t do that because we had agreed to meet the others before that tour would be over, so we got our money back and left. I was quite frustrated, but I did get an official looking visitor badge. 

Then we boarded our train for Montpellier. 

Geneva was very pretty. It’s more of a business city, quiet, expensive, and it doesn’t have a lot of young people. Also, there were chocolate shops and watch shops everywhere. After all, I guess that is what the Swiss are known for.