Hairy Coos and Nessie

It was snowing when we got up Saturday. Melty globs of ice dripped onto us as we waited outside the Haggis tours office for our tour bus to the highlands. It was early, and I hadn’t gotten much sleep, so I was bleary eyed as we climbed aboard, but excited nonetheless. Our driver doubled as the tour guide and told stories while he was driving us through the snowy hills. He was a good storyteller and had an excellent Scottish accent, and he also played us some Scottish music every so often, saying “I’m gonna play you a wee song.” 

It was great. I slept some, but mainly stared out the window at all the fantastic scenery we were passing. We passed the field where William Wallace fought, a bridge that the Hogwarts Express passes over in the Harry Potter movies, and the Doune castle that was used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

Our guide told us that there would be two “wild and sexy highlanders” at our first stop. I was confused as to how he knew they would be there, but they turned out to be a pair of “hairy coos.” 


As the morning progressed the snow cleared and the sun came up. We made a few stops at some of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. 

The we made it to Loch Ness, which was also gorgeous. 

The tour provided us with sack lunches, so we grabbed ours and headed up the road to find a good viewing spot. We found a log on the side of the hill where we had an excellent view of the loch. 

Then sadly, after only a short while it was time to head back to Edinburgh. We misheard the meeting time and almost got left behind, but we managed to catch it just in time. 

These are only a few of my best pictures. The highlands are seriously gorgeous. They must be absolutely fantastic in spring!