J'aime Paris (Day 3)

 On Monday I woke up sore from all the walking at Versailles the day before. Our group went to the Louvre and everyone wandered off in different directions. Sara, Crystal and I hit up the highlights in a quick walk through. I say quick, but it took almost two hours. That’s how big the Louvre is. 

The main things we saw were the Mona Lisa, Venus di Milo, and Winged Victory, along with a medieval moat and some egyptian sculptures. 

When we finally figured out how to get out of the Louvre we took the metro over to the Arc du Triomphe and climbed the stairs up to the top. It was a really nice day, and the view was fantastic. 

Then I went back to the Louvre to meet up with my class to go to a mosque. It was pretty, but not quite worth the time it took wandering around trying to find it. 

Before we had to head off to the train station I wandered around and got some more delicious French baked goods. My feet were screaming at me to stop walking, so I was happy to sit down on the two hour ride back to London.