Paris (Day 2)

After being in Paris for just a short time a few differences with London immediately stood out. The first of course being that everything was in French. French spelling makes it hopelessly hard to figure out how to pronounce anything. I figured that to order food or ask how to get somewhere your best bet is just to pronounce the first part of the word and then kind of trail off the end with a vowel noise that sounds like you have a cold and are slightly irritated. Not to say that that is how French actually sounds when spoken right. It’s a beautiful language. I just don’t know what they were thinking when they decided to write it down. 

Paris seems grungier than London in some ways. Perhaps they are just too busy, or are afraid of the CCTV always monitoring them, but Londoners seem to have the decency not to draw mustaches and curse words on all the movie posters on the walls of the underground. Apparently Parisians really enjoy making graffiti because it was everywhere.

Paris also has more old people and more dogs than London. Maybe it is somehow a more family friendly city. 

We got up early on Sunday and got on a train to Versailles. I was still tired from the first day, so I was about to take a nap when suddenly two guys with accordions jumped on the train at a stop and started playing really loudly. So much for my nap. Guess the rules about street performers are different in Paris. 

We arrived at Versailles after about a 45 minute train ride. 

The inside of the palace was pretty cool. I wandered through the rooms admiring the art on the walls and all the ornate painted ceilings. Of course I had to see the hall of mirrors. 

I was thinking I’d definitely be done looking within the 2 hours before the first meet up to leave. Then I walked outside onto the grounds. They seemed to stretch on forever! 

Crystal, Sara, and I walked over to Marie Antoinette’s grounds and wandered around the mazes of hedges and buildings. We must have walked several miles before we left, feet hurting, glad to sit down on the train. 

Then we went to the Musee D’Orsay, a museum inside an old train station. They had some Monet and Van Gogh paintings that were pretty cool.