An American In Paris (Day 1)

Once we arrived in Paris we deposited our bags in our hotel and walked over to Notre Dame Cathedral. I loved the beautiful Parisian architecture of all the buildings we passed. Notre Dame is stunning inside and out.


After that we went to Montmarte and climbed the way too many steps to the basilica of Le Sacre Coeur. 

There was an awesome view from here because it is on the highest point of land in Paris. There were also lots of street performers around. In front of the basilica some men were breakdancing while a man painted bronze stood on a box like a statue. One man was doing some soccer tricks on top of a wall. 

I was taking pictures and wandered away from everyone else, but I could still see people from the group scattered around so I went into the basilica. When I came out I didn’t see a single person I knew. I tried to call my roommate, Crystal, but my phone gave me a message in French and hung up on me. I figured if all else failed I could just find my way to the Eiffel tower and meet the group there, but thankfully my phone let me text and within a few minutes Crystal had sent Josh (one of the Graduate Counselors) to find me.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to get lost. Josh and I kept picking up stragglers as we made our way down the hill, past the restaurant from Amelie, and met the group in front of the Moulin Rouge. 

After dinner we went to the Eiffel Tower, which was gorgeous lit up against the night sky.

 Every hour it sparkled for a few minutes. 

We took the elevators up to the top where we got a fabulous view of night-time Paris. 

Then we got crepes before heading back to the hotel.