The week in review.

Tuesday night I went to another play for my theater class. It was a hilarious farce called “A Flea in Her Ear.” The guy playing the lead has been in several movies including the new version of “Pride and Prejudice” (as the awkward cousin). 

Wednesday we finally managed to book our hotels for Spring Break. Yay it’s all arranged! Geneva, Montpellier, and Barcelona. Should be super fun. After that Sara and I explored the area by the Tower of London for a paper we have to write for History of London. This actually ended up being pretty fun as it involved going in a few old churches.

In All Hallows by the Tower we actually went down a narrow staircase into the crypt, a dimly lit hall with several artifacts from the church’s past. I felt like I was in “National Treasure” or something. We also found St. Dunstan in the East, a church that they left roofless after it was bombed out in WWII. It looked like the secret garden. I want to take a picnic and go have lunch there sometime. 

That night Crystal, Laura, and I went to a Freelance Whales concert.

It was extremely enjoyable. All of the members of the band sing and play multiple instruments. They’re pretty much amazing. Crystal and I lurked around afterwards to see if we could meet some of the band members. We noticed two other girls that were doing the same thing so we struck up a conversation with them. 

"Oh, are you American?" One of them said excitedly. "We love American accents!" 

Guess that answers my question of what Brits think of our accents. They said Brits are boring and their accents are too “posh” (a very British word that means fancy). It made me laugh. We stayed with them and chatted with the lead singer and met Chuck Criss, who is Darren Criss’ brother (if you don’t know who that is, don’t worry about it. I’m just a big fan of him so it was cool to meet his brother). 

I hadn’t realized how much I missed my violin until Broken Records, the band that played before Freelance Whales, came out on stage with a violin player. I knew I had to find somewhere I could play for at least a little bit or I would go crazy. I had passed a store on Monday that had violins in the window, so I stopped in on Thursday during my big chunk of time between classes between classes. They guy was really nice and let me play. Success!!! 

After playing all the bits of songs I have memorized, I walked down to Trafalgar square to see if any sort of celebrations were happening for the Chinese new year. All I saw when I got there was a woman pacing back and forth yelling some sort of unintelligible sermon that no one was listening to. There was a promising looking crowd gathered in front of the National Gallery, but it turned out they were just watching a street performer who had his head and one arm stuck through a tennis racket. The prospect of seeing him escape was not enough to hold my attention since I had been expecting some sort of big Chinese dragon or something. 

I turned around and liked what I saw. 

So I kept walking until I got to Big Ben, then I turned around and came back to the study center. It’s not that bad of a walk, really. 

Today Sara and I went to a free lunchtime recital at St. Martin-in-the-fields. The pianist was amazing! I will for sure be going back for more concerts. 

We’re headed to Paris in the morning! So excited!