Museum (and art gallery) Monday

 Monday Mornings have become one of my favorite times of the week. When I dropped my Monday Morning class at the beginning of the semester I decided to dedicate that time while everyone else is in class to exploring different museums and places around London. Last week I went to the Victoria and Albert and the Natural History Museum.

My favorite thing about the Natural History Museum was all the 5-year-old British schoolchildren in the dinosaur exhibit. I was literally the only adult who was not holding hands with one or two 5-year-olds. The kids’ reaction to the working model of a T-rex was more entertaining than the whole exhibit. One little boy pretended to shoot the dino with his finger while making noises like a gun. 

"It’s such a lovely dinosaur," said a little blonde girl, "mummy, can we go around and see it again?" 

This morning I walked to Trafalgar square and did my daily Bible reading in a coffee shop. Then I went in the National Gallery and saw paintings by Leonardo di Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and a lot of other famous artists. It’s so crazy that paintings survive that were created around the 1500s! My favorite was a painting by Jan Van Eyck that I distinctly remember from my AP Euro book. 

A little more than an hour of quick perusal only got me about halfway through the gallery, and then my coffee was making me feel jittery so I left the rest for another day. It was gorgeous outside, so I got lunch and ate in Trafalgar square while people-watching and listening to the Beatles. 

Honestly, I love my life right now.