Windsor Castle

Getting to Windsor should have been easy. Sara and I booked our bus tickets online friday night and made our way to Victoria coach station with just a few minutes to spare, thinking we would easily find our bus and hop aboard right before it left. What the online tickets didn’t tell us was that although we booked our tickets through National Express, our bus was actually through a different service. So while we were frantically running around trying to find a white National Express bus, we ran right by our greenline bus to Windsor.

We figured it out right as the coach was pulling out of the station. Sara banged on the door to see if we could still get on, but the driver just shook his head at us. Dang it! 

As we were watching our bus drive off, the driver of the next bus walked up behind us and told us not to worry about it. 

"Go get coffee. Come back 9:40. I take you." 

So we walked around for a little bit letting ourselves calm down after our hectic morning. 

Once we were safely on the coach the hour long journey flew by. I think it’s because it took nearly the whole time just to get out of London so it was fun just to look out the window at everything we were passing. In what seemed like no time I could see the castle in the distance, and I was getting excited as we drew nearer. 

Entrance into the castle comes with an excellent audio tour that tells you what you are looking at while you browse the castle at your leisure. Oh goodness, I sound like a brochure. Well I was quite a fan of the castle. Sadly they don’t allow pictures in the inside rooms, which are magnificent. There is a doll house equipped with everything a normal-sized royal house would have, but in miniature, down to a mini set of Crown Jewels! The state apartments are lavishly decorated which makes them quite fun to look at. Here’s a pic from google just to give you an idea: 

It’s hard to imagine actually using these rooms. I saw several portraits of kings and queens that I’ve only seen in history textbooks. Even the ceilings were decorated with some sort of mural or fine woodwork. Imagine if you were having tea with the queen and you knocked over your cup or something and stained a chair or carpet! You’d probably be working off your debt to the crown for the rest of your life! 

St. George’s chapel is unbelievable too. After a few minutes inside my neck was starting to hurt from constantly looking up at the ornate carving on the roof. 

It kind of boggles my mind that the UK still has a monarchy. I tend to think in my American way that it is outdated and silly, but it is an incredibly important part of the UK’s rich history and culture.