People-watching and Eavesdropping

Yesterday a few friends and I went shopping on Oxford street. It is fascinating to be in such a diverse city. I could probably spend all day people-watching and people… listening. That sounds creepy, but I don’t really care what they are saying, I just like listening to all the different accents. When someone opens their mouth you never know what to expect them to sound like. I’ve heard English spoken in all varieties of accents as well as Spanish, German, French, and plenty of other languages I don’t even recognize.

For the most part I stayed silent as we walked down Oxford street, staring around at all the shops and listening to the man with a Cockney accent behind us as he talked to his friend. We passed a woman in full traditional Muslim dress complete with the niqaab face covering. A little farther on was a woman wearing a miniskirt and bright pink leopard print tights with leg warmers and sneakers, and big hoop earrings. In a place like London, it wouldn’t be impossible for the two to live right next door to each other, which is a funny thought.

It also seems to be a style with women here to dye their hair ridiculous colors, mainly a pinkish red color that I find quite unflattering. I saw a woman with green hair and even a younger woman who looked like she had dyed her hair gray.