And the adventure begins...

After a two and a half hour flight from Orlando to Philly, a four hour layover, and a six and a half hour flight over the Atlantic, I finally arrived in London at 9:30 am local time. The customs officer asked me a few questions, but let me through pretty quickly after I showed him my FSU seal letter. I felt rather delirious after changing time zones and sleeping just a few fitful hours on the plane, but I forgot about that when I saw Carolyn running toward me in the Airport. 

She bought me an oyster card (the card you use for public transit in London), put some money on it, and then we hopped on the tube, which I think is a more fitting name than metro or subway since the tunnels are rather like tubes. 

We somehow managed to maneuver my two 50 pound bags through the tube stops and up to Caro and RJ’s flat. I was already feeling the jet lag, but they told me I wasn’t allowed to take a nap and had to stay up until at least eight or nine o’clock that night. 

We got on a bus to the city center, and even though the buildings and scenes we were passing were fascinating, I kept nodding off every time the bus stopped at a light and then jolting awake when it started up again. It was better once we got out and walked around as the cold air kept me wide awake. We walked by Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. It felt pretty surreal to see close up the famous sights I’d only ever seen pictures of, especially since I felt like a zombie and couldn’t hear out of my right ear because it never popped when I got off the plane. 

Then we walked around and went in a bunch of cool bookstores and shops. We even came across a very enthusiastic string quintet entertaining a crowd of onlookers. Caro and RJ treated me to fish and chips for dinner in a pub, which was a perfect end to my first day in London. 

I think it’s impossible to be bored in London. I love it already and I’m so excited for the adventures to come in the next few months! 

I’ll put up some pictures soon.