The way I see it, you might as well go for most opportunities that come your way. You may find yourself in places you never thought you would wind up. You might find yourself in awkward situations. You will probably feel at least a little uncomfortable. But that’s how life goes. If you hold back out of fear you will miss out on a lot of adventures. Sure, you have to be smart about what you agree to, but I’ve found that the phrase “why not?” has brought me a plethora of interesting experiences. 

What I call “adventures” includes little things like getting lost and ending up somewhere unusual, trying new food, or meeting interesting new people. With this view, one can have at least one adventure a day, and with the right attitude, anything can become the next adventure. 

I am drawing close to embarking on a big adventure: studying abroad in London for four months. I am extremely excited and rather scared. I hope to blog regularly about my experiences there, but I thought I would go ahead and start recording some of the smaller adventures I experience right here in the states.